A video has surfaced on the internet and it is about a brawl between some Nigerian men and a white racist South African who is fond of harassing black people around him.

In the video, the two men were seen exchanging bitter words before the South African made an attempt to punch the Nigerian man. This resulted into a fight and the Nigerian man easily floored him before his friend took over and floored the racist South African guy as well.

According to the reports in the area where the incident happened in South Africa. It was not the first time that the white guy would be seen harassing people, especially blacks.

He is known for his hatred for black people and not only foreigners, even black South Africans as well

Watch the Video below:

He however met his water-loo when he confronted the Nigerians who were obviously stronger than he was. It even got to a point that he was being stepped upon by one of the Nigerian men, even after he had been reeling in pains on the floor.

His wife could be seen after the fight asking the men to stop fighting in a rather high tone, which could give an indication of their hatred for blacks.


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