Nigerians who traveled to the World Cup in Russia and ran away to other countries are now calling on the federal government to come to their aid.

According to a journalist named Sapele Oghenek, some of these men fled into other countries from Russia in order to obtain Schengen visa with two dying in the process as a result of the cold weather.

Reports have it that these group of men paid N17,000 for a night just to hide themselves from the Russian security agents.

It is also reported that when they run out of cash, the same foreigners who collected money to protect them from the police, will hand them over to the authorities.

Some Nigerians who can not afford to pay for a night, are said to be sleeping on the streets begging for money and food.

These group of guys who are staying in one room decided to contact the journalist in order to publish their story so that the government will come to their aid following the hardship they have experienced in the past few days.


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