A man in Dubai has divorced his wife 15 minutes after the got married.

According to Daily Mail, the groom got annoyed because his new Father-In-Law was pestering him about the bride price.

The groom was expected to pay DH100,000 as bride price, but during the wedding ceremony in court, he gave the father DH 50,000 and asked that he be allowed to bring the rest later.

The man’s action angered his Father-In-Law who kept asking for the money before he left the court.

Seeing that his Father-In-Law was keen on getting the money, the groom said he should be allowed to go to his car near the court premises to get the money.

That Father-In-Law, however, refused, saying that he should send someone to get the money while the man remains in the court with him.

This angered the groom who divorced his newly wedded wife immediately.

The Lawyer who handled the case, said that the groom felt insulted and humiliated as the father of the bride was asking for the bride price.


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