A tragedy that shook Nigerians occurred on Thursday, June 28. This tragic incident had occurred after a tanker exploded on Otedola Bridge in Lagos, which led to a rapid-fire outbreak, burning 54 vehicles, 9 killed and 4 were injured.

The horrific incident led to the widespread of an audio made by a pastor warning Nigerians against impending disasters on particular days, including the day that the fire incident occurred. The identity of the pastor has now been revealed on social media.

A video showing the face of the pastor as he proclaimed the dates of the impending disasters recently surfaced on social media.

This video led to the identity of a pastor who is reportedly a minister at Land of Oil Prophetic Ministry also known as Hill of the Lord. The man of God was identified as Prophet Udensi Godlove.

In the video, the pastor had called on Nigerians to be careful and prayerful because the devil; has a roaring lion that is seeking for those to devour.

It was also gathered that the church is located at 103, Iju Road beside Ifako International School, College Bus Stop in Agege area of Lagos state.

Watch video below:

What do you think of this revelation? Should it be ignored or is it something we should be concerned about?


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