Ever since Linda Ikeji announced her pregnancy, controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has been on her case and she doesn’t seem to be ready to relent at this moment.

It all started with the allegation that Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy is false and she is only wearing a moonbump, then it got to the stage that she was engaged to a man that never wanted to marry her and not it has gotten to the point of being self-made or not.

According to Kemi Olunloyo in her new post and attack on Linda Ikeji, the blogger is not self-made as she always claims, she is rather a product of her interaction with politicians and oil tycoons.

You're not self made, politicians made you - Kemi Olunloyo to Linda Ikeji lailasnews

She wrote;

“@officiallindaikeji Your entire business will COLLAPSE VERY SOON WHEN YOU LANGUISH IN PRISON LIKE ME. My business collapsed and I lost wages, assignment, ads, revenues and my integrity. MARK MY WORDS! Linda Ikeji media will suffer a catastrophe. When your baby arrives in 9 months or whenever you choose, I will investigate where you trafficked it from.

Better get your adoption papers together. Languish is a word that you will never ever say again. Omale jatijati. Banana Island mansion bought by a looter. Both governors who financed LIM will be named soon. You are NOT SELF MADE. YOU LIED TO ALL THOSE YOUNG GIRLS. Oil tycoons and politicians made you. They cannot marry you. They have their wives home

#MADAMKOO #KemiOlunloyo”


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