Residents in Tana River county were left in shock after a man was caught pants down in bed with his biological daughter.

The public servant was caught in the act by his sister-in-law in Mwangaza, Hola Town in Tana River County.

The sister-in-law is said to have walked in on them when she arrived at the house unannounced at night and she found her niece romping with her father.

The sister-in-law shouted and screamed on seeing the two in bed attracting neighbours before she passed out.

The girl’s mother had visited her parents away from town and she didn’t know her sister would pay her a visit that day.

The father and her daughter got out of bed, dressed up and tried to resuscitate their relative, at that time the neighbours were trying to wonder what was happening.

When she woke up, the aunt confronted the two who confessed to having been in a romantic relationship for a long time and the mother confirmed that she was made aware of their relationship when she was called.

Neighbours said the mother when she was called told her sister not to meddle in matters that don’t concern her and that she feared that her marriage would collapse since her husband was known to be violent.

“Why do you want to destroy my marriage. You should not meddle with matters that don’t concern you,” said the mother of the girl.

“The mother was heard protecting her husband who was caught in bed with their daughter. This is just shocking,” said Mr Ahmed Bushra, a neighbour.


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