Senator Dino Melaye resumes plenary after a long absence from the Senate Chambers.

Senator Melaye resumed plenary on Wednesday and asked to be moved from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) side of the chamber to the Opposition.

The Senator who resumed plenary after a battling with the police and being on admission in the hospital for a while asked Senate President Bukola Saraki for permission to leave his allotted seat and move to the opposite side of the Senate chamber.

He specifically asked that he wants to sit beside the former Senate President, David Mark.

According to Senator Melaye, his reason for wanting a change of seat is because his present seat is no longer comfortable after his ordeal with the police and his health issues.

But the lawmakers from the ruling APC kicked against the move by Senator Melaye arguing that it is against the constitution.

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Meanwhile, the opposition lawmakers welcome the change of seat by Senator Dino Melaye.

He was thereafter aided by some of his colleagues to his prefered seat.

He is, however, yet to formally join the PDP. To do so officially, Senator Melaye would have to write the Senate president of his decision to leave his party and join the opposition. The letter would then be read during Senate plenary.



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