Women reveal the first thing they said after giving birth


Women reveal the first thing they said after giving birth

Thank god for that good old chemical oxytocin.

It helps women fall in love with their newborn, rather than yell expletives at them.


Sure, you’re not exactly going to just forget that areas of your body have been stretched in ways they should never have been.

But instead of pure unadulterated anger and pain, new mothers are miraculously capable of sweet relief and love for their little one.

And those are the exact emotions expressed by these women, who have shared the very first sentence they uttered after giving birth with parenting website Babble.

Kind of.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Thank goodness he’s out! – Betsy

2. Holy sh*t! – Kristen

3. Next time I’m having a C-section. – Summer

4. That was bad ass! – Lauren

5. Are you kidding me? She’s mine?! – Susan

6. I can’t believe it’s over! I can’t believe it’s over! – Jaclyn

7. I can’t wait to have more! – Carol

8. I’m exhausted! Why does she feel so heavy? – Melanie

9. I’m sorry for being so angry that you made me wait 13 extra days to meet you! – Liberty

10. Oh my God, she’s a girl! – Elizabeth

11. I knew you were a girl! – Ravyn

12. Doctor commented our daughter looked like me as she handed her over. My response: ‘Well after THAT she damn well better look like me!’ – Amie

13. You look like a three-month-old! — Rachel

14. Why stop pushing? Oh. There’s a baby. – Dorinda

15. Did you just see that happen?! – Kristen

16. Sorry for saying ‘f**k’. – Katie

17. She’s sticky. – Courtney