Why Davido Paid Meek Mill $200,000 for‘Fans Mi’ Featur


This was revealed in his very much talked about interview with US Based Magazine, FADER, February/March 2016 Issue, For which he was the Magazine Cover.

Recall Davido featured American rapper, Meek Mill in his hit single, “Fans Mi” and right now, it has been revealed that Davido paid a whopping sum of $200,000 (N6million) to Feature the Philly Rapper.


Below is How Fader ‘revealed’ it, while writing a bio about the singer:

Last year, he finally graduated, after taking time off to attend to his career. After that first single, Davido remembers, “everything just happened. I was being booked
in, like, Botswana, all over Africa in under six months.” He self-released a debut album via his own HKN label in 2012, and has since worked with a global crew of
producers and songwriters on a steady stream of singles.

Some, like 2013’s muted “Gobe” and 2014’s traditional “Aye,” typify one style he favors: mellow love songs with lightly Auto-Tuned vocals and beats constructed out of kora
riffs, buzzing electric guitar, bright keyboard sounds, and stuttering programmed drums.

Others are more indebted to house and hip-hop—like 2013’s clattering“Skelewu,” which was remixed by Major Lazer, and 2015’s Meek Mill-featuring “Fans Mi,” for which he
says the Philly rapper was paid $200,000—and traveled the internet to African diasporic communities in cities like New York and London.