Photos: Beware of cluster bombs, military warns Nigerians


The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has warned Nigerians living in the North East and other parts of the country to be on the lookout for Cluster Bombs (pictured above) sometimes called scatter bombs as the Nigerian Army Engineers serving in Adamawa State recently recovered some catches of these bombs in some areas in the state.

In a statement released yesterday night, the Defence headquarters said it has discovered that the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT) in the troubled zones have used such lethal instruments during their attacks in recent times. According to the defence Headquarters, cluster bombs are bombs that house submunitions, that is, smaller explosives contained in individual cases.

These bombs are used against large areas containing many targets, such as columns of vehicles, marketplaces, places of worship or large troop concentration as the case may be. Some cluster bombs carry several hundred of very small explosives wrapped in a metal container like a pot while others carry larger submunitions that can find specific targets such as tanks. Some of these submunitions do not blow up immediately, but remain behind and act as landmines.

The military says the general publics should be wary of such concealed dangerous equipment now being used by the terrorist elements to cause havoc to both innocent lives and property. They advised that people should report any of such objects/materials if seen to security agencies for prompt action. They urged Nigerians to continue to cooperate with the security agencies by giving timely information to secure the country.