You should NOT drill a hole in your iPhone 7 to make a headphone jack



This is what NOT to do if you want an iPhone 7 with a headphone jack – so step away from the drill.
But a YouTube hoax appears to have convinced some iPhone users to destroy their brand new devices, all in the name of wired headphones.

Some people drilled holes in their iPhone 7s after watching YouTube hoax
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that drilling a hole into most things, especially smartphones, is not going to end well.
And regular prankster, TechRax, has a reputation for fooling iPhone lovers.
Most people laugh and move on to the next clip, but there are a select few who prove Darwin was on to something.
Video shows how to access secret iPhone 7 headphone socket

In the comments below the video, a number of people appear to have missed the point, picked up a power tool, and have complained about their now defunct phones.

One viewer wrote: ‘I drilled it in but for some reason my phone won’t turn on or charge, is there a software or app I need to install?’
Another added: ‘Uhhh I have a problem. My phone won’t turn on and the headphone jack didn’t work. Someone please tell me what to do.’
TechRax have also been known to freeze an iPhone in a block of Coca Cola, smash it in with a sledgehammer, and dump it in liquid nitrogen – you get the idea.

Now, these people could just be playing along with the joke.
But there’s still a chance someone will be heading straight to the Genius Bar after watching this – now that’s something we’d like to see.