New £5 notes are selling for £200 on eBay



The £5 note in your pocket could be worth more than £200.

That’s how much the brand new notes are selling for on eBay.

To find out if you’re in line for a windfall you need to check the serial number on the plastic coated currency.
If the code starts with AA01 it means the £5 note is part of the first batch and could be sold for a tidy profit.

Collectors have already forked out £228 and £196 for two different ones on eBay, according to This is Money.

A few more are currently open to bidding and are on course to be sold for more than £100.
There are currently 999,999 AA01 fivers in the public domain.
The Queen was gifted the first new fiver, which has the serial number AA01 000001.

The new polymer £5 note, which was launched last week, features Sir Winston Churchill and can survive a spin in the washing machine.

The Bank of England said the currency was cleaner, safer and stronger than previous notes, lasting around five years longer.