MMM Nigeria donates N2.5 Million to hospital patients in Ibadan.



As MMM Nigeria Celebrates 365 days of existence in the country; in that same spirit they Donated the sum of 2.5 Million to Hospital Patients in Ibadan.

MMM Nigeria made the 2.5 Million donation on Thursday to hospital patients in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital who are suffering from deadly ailments and without hope to
settle their hospital bills.

According to one of the Participants, Eleyele Benjamin said MMM’s “Save a life” Charity programme is part of motive the group was founded to assist those who are in need contrary to popular saying that it’s founded to defraud prospective members of the public.

He said, “what we do in our community is providing help for each other. We provide for people in need at a time when other people who don’t need, pay for them and get rewarded after 30 days.

“And part of the motive of the organization is providing for the less privileged. We have come here and seen that there are a lot of people in need financially and we are here to render the assistance.

“We believe that if we save these people’s lives today, they would be the ones to save other people’s lives tomorrow.

“We are here to also enlighten people that the scheme is not a scam and to enlighten them on social responsibility by the community”, Benjamin said.


MMM members during photo session at UCH, Ibadan.

He added that the organization is not faceless as it’s believed in some quarter.

He explained further that the community is not a scam nor a faceless organization of people saying if not, they won’t troupe out enmasse to offer the assistance.

Eleyele also maintained that the way the community is fashioned, nobody owns it saying therefore, so far people are joining and increasing, it won’t run down and would
be sustainable.

MMM is Doing well in NIGERIA and will continue to Do more to the Country; in that Same Spirit;The entire Team of Wish MMM Nigeria and all its Participants a
Happy Celebration. is Proud to be associated with MMM NIGERIA.