Kindergarten student Dies after Getting Trapped in Wooden Jungle gym that caught fire at art exhibit


Boy, 5, dies after getting trapped in wooden jungle gym that caught fire at art exhibit

A five-year-old boy tragically died after a modern art exhibit he was playing inside caught fire.
Little Kento Saeki had been climbing on the wooden jungle gym at the Tokyo Design Week in the Shinjuku Ward when it is believed a light bulb overheated and set fire to part of the frame.
The kindergarten student was caught inside as the blaze took place.
His 44-year-old dad and another man suffered burns while attempting to rescue the little boy.
The fire was extinguished 30 minutes later.

The piece, which was created by students at the Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT), was completely destroyed.

According to Asahi, who spoke with Kenichi Narita, the university’s president, only LED lamps were hung in the central part of the artwork.
However, a projector using an incandescent electric bulb was placed inside because the cord was short and an outlet was available within the artwork.
An investigation has been opened by police on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in death and injuries.