Behind Wildlife Data: The Animals That Make Research Possible

Wildlife research is a story often told in numbers. Among population numbers, territory sizes and incident reports, the data resulting from field work is best understood in large figures and visualizations. Sometimes, however, a rare individual animal stands out for its significant contributions to conservancy. See also: Cyberpoaching: Why Hackers Pose a Deadly Threat to Endangered Animals Whether it's through years of data collection, repeated taggings, or sightings and unique movements, these individual animals give researchers a wealth of information about their entire species and the ways they interact with their environments. Were it not for these unique, reliable animals, our knowledge of the world's wildlife would be significantly behind where it is today. Read more... More about Research , Features , Conservation , Wildlife , and Tech

Let’s End The Search For Mobile TV

Mobile TV has never been a thing. Since the Sony Watchman in 1982, we’ve been excited at the prospect of mobile TV, but no matter how good our devices are, there still seems to be something missing. As recently as this January, Josh Elman noted to John Borthwick that the results of the Homescreen 2014 study show that even now, no one keeps mobile video apps on their smartphone homescreens; we… Read More

5 Can’t-Miss Apps: March Madness and More

Amid news of Google announcing Android Wear, a new version of the operating system specially designed for wearables, and Motorola's subsequent unveiling of its Moto 360 smartwatch, you may have overlooked some of this week's best new apps. Luckily, Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps, so you won't miss out. See also: Use These 10 Apps During Downtime This week, our list includes a messaging app that doesn't rely on a cellphone signal or Wi-Fi, and an app to ensure you're up-to-date on every second of March Madness. Check out the gallery, above, to see all the apps that made our list of top picks. And if you're looking for more, check out last week's edition of can't-miss apps. Read more... More about Android , Ios , Tech , Apps Software , and Weekly App Roundup

A May-December Media Strategy Could Help Locally Focused Startups

In Silicon Valley, it’s sometimes easy to focus solely on social and other types of cutting-edge, digital advertising when advising startups on their marketing strategies. But these businesses can also amp up customer acquisitions by combining their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest strategies with old-school, traditional-media marketing campaigns. Read More