Burnt Edo Phil Hallmark Shopping Mall:How it all started



Even if you compensate the husband and wife owners with double the value of the building and all its contents, I am 99% certain that they can’t be consoled.
They started out, about 30 years ago, as a corner shop selling greeting cards at Ring Road, Benin City. Later expanded to a wider space upstairs in the old Leventis building before the present location which they expanded a bit at a time until the edifice it became.

On most days, you won’t help but notice either the husband or the wife personally attending to matters in the Super Mart. They nurtured it like a baby and only recently opened a new wing.

Surely they won’t be easily consoled. I peay that the building and its contents were insured so that the couple can at least be able to start from somewhere again if they have the heart for it.

As we say on the streets of Bside: Na only God know wetin happen.

May GOD console owners of Phil Hallmark Super Mart and give them strength in this period and the wherewithal to carry on in the nearest future.
For some of us among the Benin elite with a taste for foreign goods that you are used to when you travel abroad, you may have to adapt to stuff from Mission Road and Lagos Street for now.