18 Year Old Girl Found dead after taking Ket, M-cat and Coke



Teenager was found dead at BoomTown after taking ket, coke, M-cat, LSD, and Es.

A teenager was found dead in her tent at BoomTown after taking ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy, sleeping pills, LSD, M-Cat, cannabis and wine, an inquest has heard.
Olivia Christopher’s boyfriend, Daniel Holmes, woke up the next morning and found her lying face down next to him.

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He dragged her body out of the tent, but the 18-year-old, who was due to pick up her A levels, was already dead.

Coroner Grahame Short told Winchester Coroners’ Court that he believed she thought she was ‘invincible’ and could take large quantities of drugs ‘without

Olivia, from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, known as Livvy to friends, was seen snorting cocaine and ketamine from a key at the festival and had taken MDMA before heading

out during the festival from August 11 to 15.

Boyfriend, Daniel, said: ‘She was taking Ketamine when we got back to the tents. She would take ecstasy at about 7pm before going to the music.
‘I woke up at 11am and my friend woke us up and said we need to leave. I tried getting Livvy’s attention but there was no movement or response so I tilted her onto her back.
There were a few signs she didn’t look well. I pulled her out of the tent and called for my friends.’
At the festival, Olivia had bought small green pills with a Heinz Baked Beans logo on them before taking some red pills belonging to her friends. She also took ketamine ‘four or five times a day’ while at the festival according to one of her friends.
On the first night of BoomTown Festival she had been seen gurning with her eyes rolling.
A pathologist found she died as a result of poisoning from MDMA and Etizolam.